Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm just sayin'...

"I'm Just Sayin'..."

I (and The aXiom Network) am committed to encouraging, engaging, okay, even occasionally harassing evangelical Churches into adding the Gospel to their current websites. And, if for some inexplicable reason, they don't have a website to get one...NOW, if only to provide the Gospel online as a resource for the Holy Spirit.

Yet, there are some who want to discuss the "best way" to evangelize today. Without revisiting in depth the many options out there why not adopt the attitude that "the more ways the better". Maybe one way won't work today but will tomorrow and vice versa. If it works and is biblically sound is there a downside? My concern is that if we are led, or allowed to believe a particular approach doesn't then we're inclined not to engage in that approach. I thinks that's a reasonable fear. 

Perhaps, some approaches reap greater benefits (more converts) than others. So what?

"Did every effort result in a conversion? Of course not! My "success rate" was never the issue. In my mind, given the opportunity, I was simply being faithful with the training I'd had."
I say, "the "more the merrier!" Maybe your ministry of tract distribution, gospel sermons or online Gospel webpage won't turn the masses toward the Savior. How many lost souls would need to be saved to count any and all methods as successful. 3000 (Pentecost)? 250? 101? 70? 12? 2 (Road to Emmaus)?, 1 (me, you!)???

At one time or another I've been involved in nearly every type of evangelism possible: "Lighthouse" (Bob Jacks), "friendship", Billy Graham Crusades (phone support, crusade planner, financial, etc), door-to-door, "Street corner", tracts (Four Laws, The Bridge, etc), evangelistic sermons, and more. Each approach bore different results. But, I don't begrudge the method, my availability or the Spirit. One simply worked better at one time than another. However, and this is important...

I'm glad I was aware of and comfortable with each and every one of them. I felt then and now that without training and experience with each, I, and the person I was sharing with, would have been worse off. Did every effort result in a conversion? Of course not! My "success rate" never the my mind. Given the opportunity, I was simply being faithful.

We use to say in Campus Crusade (in college) that my role in the evangelism process is simply to "Share the Gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit and leave the results to God". I still think that's the best way to approach evangelism. However, having the resources, tracts, training, webpages, or the pulpit, for the Holy Spirit to use are critical.

I guess my approach is to "throw it against the wall and if its sticks, USE IT!" My way is far from perfect...

Let me know your thoughts?