Wednesday, September 15, 2010

From the pulpit to the pew...and beyond

Like you, we have preached our share of evangelistic sermons. Some received greater responses than others. Many Churches today seldom preach the promise of eternal life from the pulpit. Their reasoning usually is based on the idea that the pew helps get people in the Church, the pulpit will help keep them there.

Our seminary professor use to challenge us with this thought about unbelievers attending our Churches. He said, "Why would a stranger come to a strange place to sit with a bunch of strangers to listen to a stranger talk about strange things?" Perhaps, the miracle is that they would attend our Churches at all.

However, the fact remains, before they can hear our wonderful "Three point sermon" about eternal life they first have to sit in our pews. Is there anything we can do to help get them there?

A Gospel Invitation starts with the Gospel itself

An online Gospel presentation can create a venue for those who want to know more about your Church and your beliefs. And, hopefully, that venue will tweak their curiosity to visit your Church. THEN, they'll hear your 3 point sermon.

Nothing more clearly states our committment to the Gospel than the Gospel itself. And, our websites allow the world to see our core belief, e.g.
"We believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the most important truth you will ever hear. And whether or not you ever have the opportunity to visit our fellowship, we want you to discover The Road to Eternal Life for yourself.

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